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Meet The Brown's

"My family looks forward to building happy memories and having a wonderful time in 

  our new home"

What our clients are saying

In Their Own Words:

Their Story

For the past year, the Brown family has been actively looking to buy a home, like all home hunters they'd seen a few homes during their search but nothing caught their eye. The homes were either too expensive, outdated or didn't meet their criteria. 

Both Brian and Kathie had reservations about being able to find their dream home; the Brown's were running into an issue that a lot of first-time home buyers face, not having enough money for a downpayment. 

They followed Capital Group Realty on Facebook where Kathie-Ann saw an Open House post for our last Modernista New Construction Home; she also saw that the city was offering downpayment assistance to first-time home buyers. On the day of the Open House Kathie-Ann fell in love with the home and immediately called Brian! They came back later that day and Kathie took Brian on a tour of the Modernista, the Brown's immediately knew that they had found their dream home!  

The Open House was a success! All that was left for the Brown's to do was to put in a bid. They were both a little nervous since three other people had also fallen in love with the Modernista home and were putting in bids!

The Brown's gathered all of the necessary paperwork, everything was organized and ready for review. 

The Results

Soon after sending in the paperwork the Brown family were approved! Kathie and Brian were ecstatic; they were finally able to become homeowners! 

How They Did It

Team Sua has an exclusive alliance with Capital Group Developers for affordable eco-friendly homes through their non-profit, Synergy Center.

 The Sua team has been able to provide affordable new constructions to first-time home buyers. Their goal through Synergy center is to help close the affordable housing gap in South Florida and give their clients who would otherwise not be able to afford a home the chance to become homeowners!


Affordable Green Homes To Be Completed In 2018


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