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Houseplants 101

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Houseplants 101

Eddy Sua

Eddy Sua is the founder and Managing Broker of Capital Group Realty of South Florida AKA as “The Sua Team”...

Eddy Sua is the founder and Managing Broker of Capital Group Realty of South Florida AKA as “The Sua Team”...

Sep 10 3 minutes read

Indoor plants can do wonders for you and your home, not only are live plants decorative but they can help clean the air around them. Learn everything you need to know about houseplants, from succulents to blooming plants!       

Incorporate These Plants Into Your Home :                                            


Low Maintenence, perfect for starters! These plants don't require a lot of watering or care and they add a nice accent to any room. 

Humidity Loving Plants

Plants can add life to any room, try adding some plants to your bathrooms! Place your bathroom plants in a pot on gravel, loose rocks, or sand in order to trap moisture to keep your plants happy all year round.

Kitchen Herbs

Not only do kitchen herbs make your food taste amazing but they also add a pop of color to your kitchen! Place them on your windowsill and enjoy!

Hanging Plants

Spice up your home decor with some hanging plants. Try a layered look with hanging baskets from an existing collection of houseplants.

The Best Indoor Houseplants

1. Peace Lily: 

Peace Lily's purify the air, provide a calming ambiance, and even neutralize harmful indoor gases. These are perfect indoor plants because they flourish in dark areas, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices.

2. Golden Pothos:

These are a household staple, especially if you find yourself looking at a screen all day. Other than purifying the air, they also prevent ocular hypertension. When you've had too much screen time, relax your eyes and take a break with the Golden Pothos.

3. Cacti:

Cacti are great indoor plants for those who can't seem to keep plants alive for long. Cacti don't require much care and grow all on their own. They require minimal watering, so keep these beauties out of your weekly watering routine!

4. Snake Plants

Snake plants are vibrant and fun, and also require little maintenance. They thrive on indirect sunlight and flourish with a single touch. The best approach when caring for snake plants is to drench and dry, which can extend their lives significantly. Another plus: these guys absorb benzene, xylene, toluene, and keep the system free of toxic fumes.

5. Weeping Fig

These plants are ones experts say must find a place in every household. They will help filter out hidden pollutants in common places such as carpets, curtains, furniture, sheets, etc. Weeping figs basically act as an air purifier.

6.  Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a gel-like sap that helps heal cuts and burns. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night, which makes it a great plant for bedrooms. They prefer moist soil but will do fine if you forget to water it occasionally.

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