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5 Ways To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Eddy Sua

Eddy Sua is the founder and Managing Broker of Capital Group Realty of South Florida AKA as “The Sua Team”...

Eddy Sua is the founder and Managing Broker of Capital Group Realty of South Florida AKA as “The Sua Team”...

Aug 16 3 minutes read

Summer is not over just yet! If you are still planning that last-minute getaway don't forget to run through this quick checklist to make sure that your home is secured and ready before you leave.

The Home Lockdown Check

Before leaving don't forget to make sure that all doors and windows are locked. You might even want to consider installing a home security system; there are systems that you can monitor right through your smartphone!

Many of us tend to have a spare key hidden somewhere in our garden or under the doormat make sure to remove that key; take it with you or give it to a friend or neighbor to keep while you are away.

Did you know that 30% of all burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window!

The Home Maintenance Check

Make sure that your lawn, pool, driveway etc. is maintained before you leave. A home that looks well maintained is less likely to become a target. 

Refrain From Publicizing Vacation Plans

It can be hard not to share your vacation plans with your friend's and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. But sharing your plans can increase the chances of having potential intruders when you are gone; because social media is public more than just your friends and family can have access to what you post. Instead, wait until after you have returned to share all of the fun moments on social media.

House Sitting Team

Ask some friends, family, or even a trusted neighbor to check in on your house at least twice a day. If possible consider a house-sitter, a friend/family member who will stay in your home while you are away.

Mail Plan

A full and overflowing mailbox are signs that the owner of the home is away, consider having a neighbor or friend pick up your mail for you while you are away. 

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